State Employee Mediation Program (SEMP)

The State Employee Mediation Program (SEMP) provides an opportunity for state employees to discuss workplace disputes, as facilitated by a trained neutral mediator, with a focus on identifying strategies to achieve a more productive working relationship. 

Key Components of SEMP:

  • SEMP mediation is free-of-charge;
  • SEMP mediators meet a minimum training standard of 40 hours;
  • Contents of mediation are confidential;
  • Mediation is always voluntary;
  • Mediation services are are available at the following C-SEAP locations: Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Grand Junction. Upon request and at the requesting agency's expense, mediators may travel to other areas within Colorado.

Interested in Mediation? Here's how it works. Call C-SEAP 1-800-821-8154. Schedule a consultation. Pre-Mediation. Mediation is scheduled. Aim for Agreement. Memorandum of Agreement.