State Employee Mediation Program (SEMP)

The State Employee Mediation Program (SEMP) provides employees with the opportunity to discuss workplace disputes and negotiate verbal or written agreements through a trained, neutral facilitator.


Key Program Components:

  • SEMP services are free-of-charge;

  • Any state employee can request mediation that is involved in a workplace dispute;

  • All SEMP mediators are trained, neutral facilitators in the dispute resolution process;

  • Pre-mediation interviews take place over the phone;

  • Mediation services are available, per mediator availability, at the following C-SEAP field locations: Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Loveland, Pueblo. Requests from other areas in Colorado can be scheduled in Denver or in the location of the requesting agency at that agency’s expense (i.e. reimbursement for mediator travel and lodging as needed);

  • SEMP communications with mediating parties are confidential - details are not reported without the consent of the mediating parties;

  • Mediation is voluntary; If a formal grievance exists, all parties are expected to participate;

C-SEAP SEMP mediators are able to assist parties in reaching an agreement in 90% of mediated cases.