Psychological Fitness For Duty (PFFD)

Psychological fitness for duty (PFFD) evaluations are a means for addressing situations in the workplace which are extraordinary in nature and where an employee may pose a direct threat to themselves or others in the workplace. They may also be used to determine an employee’s psychological fitness to perform their essential job functions. 

Because understanding and managing a PFFD involves a complex set of tasks, dependent on a professional level of knowledge about human behavior, the Colorado State Employee Assistance Program (C-SEAP) is responsible for the overall coordination of the PFFD evaluation process for the State. Additionally, C-SEAP provides consultation to Appointing Authorities (AA/designees), and Human Resource (HR) personnel regarding PFFD.

For information regarding the PFFD process or any questions you may have please contact Dave Morrow, Coordinator of the PFFD Program, at 303-866-4314 or via email: