Self-Care During the Holidays

December 20, 2017For many, the holiday season comes with more stress than excitement. Typical seasonal stressors include family conflict, grief related to recent or past losses, financial worries, and looming year-end deadlines. In a recent webinar, C-SEAP staff identified the following strategies to consider while managing through the season:

  • Identify the situations and areas of your life for which you have appreciation or gratitude
  • Acknowledge difficult emotions that you may be experiencing; Understand that holidays may trigger grief related to previous losses
  • Spend time with those you enjoy and those who enjoy spending time with you
  • If you co-parent, manage communication with your child/rens' other parent/family with tact, diplomacy, and respect
  • Create (and stick to) a realistic budget for the holidays in order to avoid financial distress later
  • Despite events and outings, maintain healthy exercise, eating, and drinking patterns
  • If you spend a great deal of holiday time engaged in the traditions of others, make it a priority to practice at least one way to celebrate that aligns with your values
  • Use time off to engage in pro-active self-care like exercise, time outdoors, or spending time with cherished loved ones in an effort to build up resilience to manage deadlines and projects when you return to work

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