Mental Health Month - 70 Years of Awareness

May 2, 2019 . May has been recognized as Mental Health Month since 1949. The past seven decades have seen a decrease in taboo associated with mental illness and seeking mental health support. However, stigma still exists and may subtly or overtly discourage many from speaking up or seeking support when struggling with overwhelming stress, problematic substance use or compulsive behaviors, or symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. 


In recognition of Mental Health Month, CSEAP (Colorado State Employee Assistance Program) encourages state employees to value your overall wellness - including physical and mental health. You can start today by taking simple steps toward improving wellbeing - keep a consistent sleep schedule, go for daily walks, engage in healthy social activities. All of these strategies can go a long way towards helping to enhance your natural resilience. 


If you’re feeling overwhelmed or you’d like to be proactive in checking up on your mental health, consider reaching out to CSEAP, completing an online screening tool, speaking with your doctor, and/or contacting Colorado Crisis Services for immediate support. 


The following are additional resources available to you in exploring mental health and emotional wellbeing - 


Colorado Crisis Services - 24/7 Mental Health and Crisis Response

Colorado State Employee Assistance Program - 6 Free Sessions of Mental Health Counseling

Let’s Talk Colorado - Talking with Others about Mental Health

Mental Health Colorado - Crisis, Treatment Info and Caregiver Resources

Mental Health America - Mental Health Month Resources

Mental Health America - Mental Health Information and Screening Tools


News post written by: Jeremiah Dahlen, LPC, CSEAP Program Lead for Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Contributor: Janeen Haller-Abernethy, LCSW, CSEAP Program Manager


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