CSEAP Weather Delay - Appointments Impacted

State offices (including CSEAP) will experience a delayed start time of 10am today, 10/28/2019, due to winter weather. If you need urgent mental health support or are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call 1-844-493-8255 or visit www.coloradocrisisservices.org

Impact to Counseling Appointments

If you have an appointment scheduled to take place prior to 10am today at our 1525 Sherman Street office, your appointment will be rescheduled to another time/date. You may call (303-866-4314) our office after 10am today to reschedule; our intake staff will also be contacting impacted employees/clients throughout today. Counseling appointments scheduled to take place at 10am or after will proceed as scheduled unless the employee/client contacts the CSEAP office to reschedule OR unless additional State office delays are put into effect. 

Impact to Presentations and Other Non-Clinical CSEAP Services

If a CSEAP staff member has been scheduled to provide a presentation or other non-counseling service to you or your team prior to 10am this morning, that CSEAP team member will be in touch to reschedule. Presentations or other services scheduled to take place at 10am or after will proceed as scheduled unless you, as the requesting party, would like to reschedule - in this event, please call 303-866-4314 and request to speak to your CSEAP contact regarding this scheduled service. 

Impact to Field Locations

Appointments in Golden and Loveland - If safe to do so, CSEAP counselors will make every effort to honor appointment times scheduled to take place at field offices that may not be experiencing delayed closures. Please only attend your appointment if you feel it safe to do so. Call 303-866-4314, after 10am, to reschedule your Golden or Loveland appointment. Please call 303-273-3000 for School of Mines (CSEAP Golden Office) delays/closures or 970-351-4300 for UNC (CSEAP Loveland Office) delays or closures. If you are unable to find information about site-specific closures, please err on the side of caution and do not attend your CSEAP appointment; we will contact you to reschedule. You can also find delay/closure information at Denver7 and 9News