Critical Incident Response

Critical Incident Services

Critical Incident Services
Impacted Party Available Services
Employees Grief and trauma-related counseling is available through C-SEAP, free-of-charge, to all state employees. Call C-SEAP at 1-800-821-8154 to request in-person or phone counseling. Urgent appointments, in-person or by phone, may be available within 24 hours of an incident impacting the workplace.
Supervisors Supervisors are invited to contact C-SEAP for consultation related to supporting employees through an incident or death that is impacting the workplace. Consultation is typically scheduled as a phone session by calling 1-800-821-8154.
Agency or Department Leaders C-SEAP is available to provide on-site supportive education to your employees about trauma response, grief, and resilience following a critical incident. Best practice indicates that this type of response be voluntary, requested by impacted parties, and take place days following an event or incident. Call 1-800-821-8154 to request a 30-45 minute on-site presentation.

Has your team recently experienced a Critical Incident? The helpful resources below are available as Adobe PDF files. 

Do you have questions about a critical incident, trauma, or death that has impacted the workplace? Request a consultation with

Janeen Haller-Abernethy at or call 303-866-4314.