Coronavirus Pandemic and Emotional Wellness

Below you will find both typical and unique questions or concerns that we've fielded from state employees including agency managers and leaders regarding the emotional, financial, and social toll of the current pandemic. The responses to the listed concerns are based upon consulting various published and researched sources throughout cumulative years of providing mental health services. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to find recorded sessions of our 'Managing Stress and Anxiety During Uncertain Times' and 'Managing the Emotional and Social Impact of Stay at Home Orders' webinars. In addition, CSEAP provides confidential phone or video appointments to state employees. Please contact us at 303-866-4314, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, to schedule an appointment.

Concerns and Responses

Tips & Strategies for Managing Stress During a Pandemic

News & Social Media During a Pandemic

Anxiety about Your Physical Health 

Stressors Experienced by Managers 

Financial Stress and COVID-19 

Family Stress & Stay-at-Home Orders 


Webinar: Managing Stress and Anxiety During Uncertain Times



PDF version of slide presentation.

The handouts mentioned in this webinar are:


Nothing about the information contained on this page or in the recorded webinars featured above should be interpreted as medical, personnel, financial, or legal information or advice. If you have urgent or imminent concerns about your physical or mental health (or that of someone else), contact your medical provider or 911 immediately. Always contact your agency Human Resources office for personnel or workplace guidance.