C-SEAP Internship Program

The Colorado State Employee Assistance Program, is an in-house traditional Employee Assistance Program.  We offer short-term counseling services to all state employees of up to six sessions.  All clients are state employee’s or family members of state employees.  We have been an intern site for various master level programs for over 15 years.  C-SEAP takes second year master’s level interns only.  You must be enrolled in a master’s level program in Social Work, Clinical Psychology, or Counseling Psychology.  Internships are for nine months and range from 20 up to 32 hours a week in Denver and Colorado Springs.  Supervision is provided by a Licensed Clinician.  As an intern you will:

1.       Receive training on EAP’s and short-term problem solving oriented therapy

2.       Carry your own caseload of individual clients

3.       The majority of clients are high functioning, motivated, and cooperative, and are willing to make changes to empower themselves.  We encounter a wide range of presenting problems with clients from stress to substance abuse.

4.       Be available in the office to do intakes on the phone as well as supervisor consultations.

5.       Receive weekly supervision or as needed

6.       Be encouraged to work at your own pace and be responsible for developing your learning goals

7.       Attend monthly professional meetings

8.       Learn about mental health resources in the Denver area

9.       Present workshops to various work groups