About Us

The State of Colorado’s Department of Personnel & Administration (DPA) provides centralized human resources, information, tools, resources and materials needed for the State of Colorado government to function. The Department provides the infrastructure by which the rest of State government operates. The programs and services provided by DPA are vitally important to the efficient and effective operation of State government.

Due to the nature of the Department’s business, service to customers is the Department's driving force.  DPA’s vision is to the leader in service excellence. Our mission is to provide quality services to enhance State government success. Our department values being effective, efficient and elegant. That means doing the right thing, achieving the best outcome and delivering the best customer experience with each interaction.

We encourage you to navigate our website using the user personas (job seeker, employee, business, local government or citizen) to help you quickly navigate to the information you are seeking. You can also use the site search, Alpha Index and FAQs on our main home page and each of our division’s home pages. We feature timely news and a carousel/slideshow on each of these landing pages, as well. If you are unable to find something here, we encourage you to provide us with feedback at DPA_Comments@state.co.us.


Below is a list of DPA’s divisions, with links to their homepages, division director emails and biographies, contact information and a list of their internal work units. At the bottom of this page, you will also find additional links to commonly requested information that DPA provides.

Executive Director’s Office

Interim Executive Director Kara Veitch (bio)
Chief Operations Officer Kristin Rozansky (bio)
1525 Sherman Street  |  Denver, CO 80203
Main: 303-866-3000  |  Statewide closures/delays: 303-866-5444

Legislative and policy inquiries

If you have a legislative inquiry or are interested in the department’s position on existing or proposed public policy, please contact our department’s legislative liaison Jack Wylie at 303-866-3539.

Media inquiries

If you are a member of the media, please contact our department’s public information officer Sabrina D’Agosta at 303-866-6555.

CORA/records requests

DPA is committed to transparency and open government, and complies with the requirements of the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), § 24-72-201 to 206, C.R.S. Records requests should be directed to the department’s CORA liaison Jolina Lewis, 1525 Sherman Street  |  Denver, CO 80203. The Department shall accept only records requests made in writing or electronically via e-mail. Please review DPA’s CORA policy for additional information regarding our office procedures for handling records requests, fees and formats.


Division of Central Services

Director Scott Madsen (bio)
Deputy Director William “Bill” Taylor
1001 E. 62nd Ave., A-31  |  Denver, CO 80216
Main: 303-866-3970


Division of Finance & Procurement

1525 Sherman Street  |  Denver, CO 80203
Main: 303-866-6100

  • State Purchasing Office, 303-866-6100 -- Molly Randol, Interim State Purchasing Director
  • Central Collections Services, 303-866-6560  -- Greg Mechem, Manager
  • eProcurement, 303-866-6155 -- Kyle Schlenker, Manager


Division of Human Resources

State Chief Human Resources Officer Kim Burgess  (bio)
1525 Sherman Street  |  Denver, CO 80203
Main: 303-866-5652

  • Total Rewards Unit, Benefits and Compensation, 303-866-3434 
  • Risk Management, 303-866-4277 -- Markie Davis, Manager
  • HR Consulting, 303-866-2171
  • Statewide Training & Development, 303-866-2439 -- Ken Johnson, Manager


Office of the State Controller

State Controller Robert "Bob" Jaros (bio)  
1525 Sherman Street  |  Denver, CO 80203
Main: 303-866-6200

  • Central Payroll
  • FAST Team
  • Central Contracts, 303-866-2127  -- RaLea Sluga, Manager


Statewide Programs

Director Matt Azer (bio)
1525 Sherman Street  |  Denver, CO 80203
Main: 303-866-2000


State Personnel Board

Director Dana Shea-Reid (bio)
1525 Sherman Street  |  Denver, CO 80203
Main: 303-866-3300
The State Personnel Board is housed in the Department of Personnel & Administration, but is a Constitutionally independent entity.


DPA also provides website support to the following entities:


Statewide closures/delays

For information on Statewide closures or delays due to inclement weather or other emergencies, please call our hotline at 303-866-5444. DPA will also post closure/delay information in the News section on its main website at www.colorado.gov/dpa.