The Colorado State Employee Assistance Program (CSEAP) has been available as a confidential resource to state employees for over 30 years. Our staff provide organizational and individual assistance to state agencies and employees in every region of the state. Reach out to us today at 303-866-4314 or 800-821-8154, or send us an email through our contact us web form.

Employee Assistance 

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are offered by many employers in an effort to support the wellbeing of employees and the workplace. EAPs typically provide short-term counseling, referrals and resources, as well as training and organizational development services. CSEAP, the EAP for Colorado state employees, is unique in that we are a dedicated program of the Department of Personnel and Administration funded by Colorado state statute to "address personal problems and workplace issues faced by state employees and employers." CSEAP counseling, training, and organizational development services of free-of-charge to state employees and state agencies. Colorado Revised Statute 24-50-604

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