Tap Fees

System Development Fees

Residential Water/Sewer Tap Fees

The following fees are for 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath home.

Sewer Tap Fee $7,200 per EQR
Water Tap Fee $6,800 per EQR
Total $14,000  
Each Addt'l Toilet, each Bedroom 1/10 (0.1) EQR charge
  $720 sewer
  $680 water
Total $1,400  

Charged on a modified EQR basis depending on number of toilets, sinks, pool, Jacuzzi offered.

Irrigation Fees
Shall be calculated as a Water Systems Development fee only.

Tap Application
Click the following link to download the service application.  Complete the form and return to the BMMD office for processing and calculation of tap fees.

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