Inside view of house

By supporting the proper installation of just a few key technologies that address space heating and hot water needs–such as insulation, appropriately sized high-performance furnace systems, duct sealing and outside air-infiltration in both newly constructed and existing homes–Colorado residents can often realize immediate benefits of 20%-30% reductions in their monthly utility bill, improved indoor air quality, enhanced comfort and health, as well as increased property values.

The Colorado Energy Office Residential Program offers home buyers and sellers help to make the best choices for energy efficiency. Energy advising is available throughout the state to determine a home's energy efficiency needs and help to find free programs, local incentives and to choose reputable contractors.

Step 1:   Get a free energy consultation with a qualified energy advisor.

Step 2:   Get an energy assessment in addition to your home inspection.

Step 3:   Get rebates and tax incentives for making home energy improvements.