Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office building

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) has several programs that work with commercial buildings to offer cost-effective and comfortable energy efficiency. They include: Energy Performance Contracting, K-12 Schools, and Colorado C-PACE.

In Energy Performance Contracting, an energy services company (ESCO) works to identify utility savings through a high-quality technical energy audit. The ESCO will help identify a priority list of improvements for a results-oriented program.

CEO has developed the Energy Savings for Schools program to offer rural and low-income school districts free energy and water audits, renewable energy assessments and technical assistance to identify and implement priority projects.

Colorado C-PACE is a financing tool that allows commercial and multifamily property owners to finance qualifying energy efficiency, water conservation, and other clean energy improvements on existing and newly constructed properties, with repayment of the financing through a voluntary assessment on their property tax bill.

More information on these and other programs will be added soon.