Roughly 70 percent of America's firefighters are volunteers and over 92% of fire departments nationally utilize volunteer firefighters; we invite you to join our ranks.

Bennett-Watkins Fire Rescue is a rapidly growing fire department approximately 3 miles East of the city of Aurora, with a call volume of approximately 900 a year, the experience you need can be found with us.  We are looking for dedicated individuals who have what it takes to run in when everyone around them is running out.  If you have ever thought about joining the fire service or becoming an EMS provider, Bennett-Watkins Fire Rescue will give you the experience and training you need to start your fire or EMS career.

As a volunteer you will gain valuable training in firefighting, hazardous materials and medical response during Fire Academy and the volunteer probationary period. Volunteers holding an EMS certification may take advantage of regular, free continuing education and free refresher courses.

Out-of-district volunteers are assigned to a shift and are required to work a minimum of 36 hours per month. In-district volunteers are expected to respond to a minimum of 10 percent of all calls throughout the year. All staff - paid and volunteer - are subject to minimum continuing education and training requirements.

Explore more of the benefits of volunteering and consider applying to our next academy.