Each station has multiple apparatus capable of performing different tasks throughout the district.  All stations are prepared and equipped to handle any emergency situation and calls for aid.  These stations are equipped with state of the art equipment capable of responding to and mitigating emergency medical calls, fire calls, as well as hazardous material spills and releases and traffic accidents.  Explore the tabs to the right to see which apparatus are in the station nearest you!


Station 91                                                                   

515 Washington St.
Bennett, CO 80102
Phone: (303) 644-3434









Station 92

35900 E Colfax Ave. 
Watkins, CO 80137
Phone: (303) 261-9199

















Station 93 / Fleet

825 Sharis Court
Bennett, CO 80102







355 4th Street
Bennett, CO 80102
Phone: (303) 644-3572