Knox Box Information

Knox Box Information

Knox Box products are used in various locations for commerical buildings, residential buildings, powered gates, and perimeter barriers. It is crucial to have one for your gate or business, so that the fire department can access the premises in an emergency situation. Below you will find helpful tools regarding Knox Box products including "how to guides" for ordering your new Knox Box, what types of Knox Boxes to order for your specific need, and mounting instructions. For further questions regarding Knox Boxes you can contact us by phone at (303) 644-3572, or by email at for the Fire Marshal or for the Life Safety Assistant.

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Bennett-Watkins Fire Rescue Approved Knox List

        2019 Rapid Entry Price List 

From the approved list above, the following items are recommended and approved by Bennett-Watkins Fire Rescue:

  • Knox-Box 3200 Series                               
    - Mount Type: Surface / Recess
    - Color: Black / Black
    - Part Number: 3261 / 3270
  • Knox Padlock
    - Part: Exterior-All Weather Conditions - 1-13/16" H shackle clearance 7/16" dia. stainless steel shackle
    - Part Number: 3770
  • Knox Key Switch
    - Part: Key Switch on Mounting Plate
    - Part Number: 3502
  • Knox 2.5" Locking FDC Plug
    - Part: 2-1/2" Male Plug with Swivel-Guard, all stainless steel
    - Part Number: 3041
  • Knox Box Residential 1650 Series
    - Mount Type: Surface
    - Color: Black
    - Part Number: 1658