Water Quality

Water Quality Report

As a Distributor for Denver Water, Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District is part of the Denver Water "Integrated" or "Consecutive System". Although the District owns and maintains the water distribution system that delivers your drinking water to your home or business, Denver Water is responsponsible for reporting the quality of the water that is supplied to your home or business. Every year Denver Water issues a Water Quality Report also known as the Consumer Confidence Report that describes the overall quality of water from its raw collection and storage to the treated purity at your tap. The Environmental Protection Agency mandates these reports. Click on the link below to view the latest annual report.

Denver Water - Water Quality Reports

Denver Water's Response to COVID-19- A Message from Jim Lochhead - Denver Water CEO
These are uncertain times in so many ways with news of the coronavirus changing nearly every day. But on behalf of the more than 1,100 Denver Water employees working hard for you every day, I’d like to reassure you about three simple facts.

  • Your water is safe to drink. Denver Water follows drinking water regulations that have been established to prevent waterborne pathogens, such as a virus like COVID-19, from contaminating drinking water. Please visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s webpage for more information on the Coronavirus and Drinking Water and Wastewater.
  • We will continue to deliver safe water to you. Denver Water has plans in place for handling emergencies of this type and routinely conducts exercises to prepare itself for a variety of events. Each division within the utility has Continuity of Operations plans to ensure our operations continue in an emergency.
  • We will assist you in this time of crisis. Denver Water knows our community’s response to COVID-19 will lead to economic hardships. That’s why Denver Water has suspended all water shut-offs due to delinquent payments to ensure all customers have access to this vital resource.
    • Customers who are concerned about being able to pay a bill should contact the Denver Water Customer Care team at 303-893-2444, Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The Customer Care team is experienced in working with customers to evaluate options, like payment plans, waiving late fees, delaying water turn-offs or connecting the customer with other resources, including Denver’s Temporary Rent and Utility Assistance program.

Our top priority to is to keep employees, partners, contractors and vendors safe and healthy so we can continue to serve our customers. We are making numerous changes to accomplish this including:

  • Travel restrictions for our employees.
  • Decreased or virtual participation in public meetings for our employees.
  • Avenues for employees to change their work locations.
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection at our many work areas.
  • Closing our Administration Building. See more details on customer interaction here.
  • Online engagement with vendors.
  • Postponement of public tours indefinitely.

Denver Water has a team of industry experts in Emergency Management, Safety and Security, Water Quality and Operations who have been actively tracking coronavirus since January, reviewing data as conditions shift, and taking steps to prepare for potential impacts to Denver Water. We are working daily with public health partners to continue monitoring. We will do everything necessary to fulfill our responsibility to deliver clean, safe and reliable water to 1.5 million people.

We will also continue to communicate with you when there is important news. Please be safe.


Jim Lochhead
Denver Water CEO/Manager


Denver Water Lead Reduction Progrem

Public health is important to Denver Water. That's why we want to get lead service lines out of our community. Learn more about lead service lines and our partnership with Denver Urban Renewal Authority to provide financing for homeowners who want to replace theirs.


Note: Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District does not have homes within the District boundaries with Lead Service Lines.


Distribution System Flushing

To ensure high quality drinking water and to minimize water age, the District flushes fire hydrants and blowoff assemblies at water line dead-ends on a routine basis. Aesthetic indidcators of increased water age includes poor taste and odor, discoloration and increased water temperatures. If you suspect a degradation in your tap water, please contact the District to evaluate your concern.


Denver Water uses a very effective long-lasting chloramine disinfectant. Monochloramine is considered a good disinfectant as it does not contribute significant taste or odor and is more stable in solution than free residual chlorine. Chloramination often is useful in systems with long distribution lines or with large amounts of storage where the water age might be too long to maintain free chlorine residual. This produces lower concentrations of disinfection byproducts (DBP), such as Total Trihalomethanes and Haloacetic Acids, than would chlorine by itself. Disinfection byproducts above their regulatory limits are potentially harmful; therefore minimization of them is very important.