School Records

About the Records

The Colorado State Archives has many records which document the State's public school system including its administration, school districts, teachers, and students. These records may be used for historical or genealogical research.

More recent records, such as teaching certificates, and some school transcripts are also held by the State Archives.

How to Find Information

Teacher Records

Records concerning individual teachers (e.g. teaching certificates)

Student Records

Records concerning individual students (e.g. school census records)

Department of Education Administrative Records

Records concerning education in the state of Colorado, as a whole. Includes records like: state and school district annual reports, district reorganization reports, and superintendent correspondence.

School District Lists

A reference list of school district numbers and locations. Organized by county, this can be a helpful tool in researching the Archives’ other school records.

In order to locate a record, the researcher must provide the Archives with the county, school district name or number and approximate dates to search.