Records Management Glossary

Closed Record – A file unit or records series containing documents on which action has been completed and to which more documents are not likely to be added.>

CRS – Colorado Revised Statutes.

Disposition – Actions taken regarding records no longer needed in current office space, including destruction pursuant to an approved records retention schedule or permanent retention of records in paper or other formats.

Duplicate Copies – Non-record copies of documents kept solely for ease of access and reference.

Format – The shape, size, style and general makeup of a particular record.

Permanent Records – Records appraised as having sufficient historical or other value to warrant continued preservation by the County Treasurer beyond the time they are needed for administrative, legal or fiscal purposes.

Record Copy – The official and "best" copy of a document retained by the official record custodian.

Retention Period – The minimum length of time that a record must be kept.

Retention Schedule – A document approved by the Colorado State Archives providing authority for the minimum retention periods and final disposition of County Treasurer records.

Series – Physical or intellectual groupings of records; file units or documents arranged according to a filing system or kept together because they relate to a particular subject or function, result from the same activity, document a specific kind of transaction, take a particular physical form, or have some other relationship arising out of their creation, receipt or use.