Upcoming Webinars through DPLA

The Digital Public Library of America is hosting the free online workshop "Using DPLA for Teaching and Learning" on November 3, 2015, 7:00pm Eastern. This workshop is designed for educators interested in using DPLA and its wealth of primary sources in the classroom.

What is DPLA? The mission of DPLA is to bring together the riches of America’s libraries, archives, and museums, and to make them freely available to the world through a single portal. They rely on a cadre of volunteers for development and to create value-added tools, such as curated primary source sets for grades 6-14.

DPLA also offers a variety of continuing education online workshops, free to the public. The Nov. 3 workshop is most of interest to educators; future workshops target cultural institutions who manage relevant collections and include topics such as "What is an API?," "Copyright Basics," and "How to Create Good Rights and Access Statements."

DPLA offers a lot of great free resources that complement the resources you can access at the State Archives, in person, as well as free training opportunities with ideas that are of interest to many of our visitors.