George Orlowski Named Colorado State Archivist

Longtime State Archives staff member George Orlowski has been named the new State Archivist effective Nov. 30, 2012.  Orlowski replaces Terry Ketlesen as the head of the State Archives following his retirement after 45 years with the agency. Orlowski worked for State Archives for 16 years prior to accepting this appointment.

“We are extremely fortunate to have George as the newest leader of the State Archives,” said Kathy Nesbitt, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration.  “George’s experience, knowledge and desire to protect the state’s history reaffirm this administration’s commitment to future generations.” 

Among Orlowski’s duties is the preservation of records and artifacts dating back before Colorado became a state, including preservation of the state’s original Constitution.  “It is an honor to be placed in charge of such an important task,” said Orlowski. 

In addition to preservation of important historical documents, genealogical data, legal records and administration records, another of Orlowski’s major goals is preservation of the state’s legislative records.  “The recordings of legislative activity help everyone – from the legal community to individual citizens  – breathe life into the laws passed by our legislature,” said Orlowski.

Orlowski is already developing new partnerships between branches of government, as well as with other historical preservation organizations such as the Denver Public Library and History Colorado.  He is always seeking opportunities to educate citizens about the state’s history and encourages students, researchers, attorneys and educators to visit the Archives’ website to investigate the many interesting collections available to the public.

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