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The links below should help you find valuable information you are looking for throughout the Department of Personnel & Administration, as well as other helpful resources throughout the state by category based on what you want to do on the website. If you are unable to find something here, please use the site’s search tool or the Alpha Index on DPA's home page may be useful. We encourage you to provide us with feedback at DPA_Comments@state.co.us.


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Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)
Address Quality/NCOA 
Airline Price Agreement
Capitol Complex projects
Capitol Complex services
CD/DVD Duplication services
Data Conversion
Data Storage
Design services
Division of Central Services (DCS) unit services
Divorce decrees 
Doing Business with the State of Colorado
Employee benefits 
Employee compensation 
Energy Performance Contracts
Event Permits
Find/Bid on State Construction Project Notices 
Fleet Management (SFM) services
Fulfillment/Kitting services
Garnishments/Wage Attachments
Genealogy information
Historical records
How to do business with the State
How to purchase state owned land 
Human resources 
Integrated Document Solutions (IDS) services
Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb)
Lease office space
Mail Ink Jetting services
Mail Inserting services
Mail Metering
Mail Pick-up/Delivery
Mail Presort Rates
Microfilm services
Multifunction Printers
Office of the State Architect
Postage Discounts
Postage Rates
Printing services
Rental Car Rates and Benefits
Rental Car services - State Fleet Motor Pool
Scanning services
Secure Document Storage
State Fleet services
State High Performance Building Requirements
State Price Agreements
Travel by State / IHS Employees on Business  
UPS/FedEx Services (IDS)
Variable Data
Waivers (DCS-IDS Services)
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A Bicycle Parking Space
A Ceremonial Flag
A Counselor Outside of C-SEAP
A Parking Space in a State-owned Lot
A State Motor Pool Vehicle
Access Codes/Keys
Change Office Space within Capitol Complex Buildings
Contractor Badge
Controlled Maintenance for State Agencies
DCS Waiver 
Emergency Project for a State Agencies
Employee Badge
Employment Verification
Event Permits
IDS Customer Support
IDS Design services
IDS Mail Pick-up/Delivery
IDS Print services
Key/Access Code
Keys Requests
Mediation through C-SEAP
Monthly Parking Space
Parking Wait List 
Retirement information
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A grievance 
A job application
An Event Request Form
Court paperwork
File an Application for Hearing for a Workers’ Compensation claim
Request a State Level Hearing 
Travel Expense Report Form
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A Human Resources Consultant  
Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)
Capitol Complex
Colorado State Employee Assistance Program (C-SEAP) 
Division of Central Services (DCS) 
Fleet Management 
IDS Customer Support
Integrated Document Solutions (IDS)
Office of the State Architect 
State Agency Payroll Personnel 
State Travel Management Program (STMP)
The Office of Administrative Courts
The State Personnel Board
The State Personnel Director
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A job with a Colorado employer
A job with the State of Colorado
Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)
C-SEAP Emergency Fund 
Unemployment benefits
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Access Codes/Keys Request 
Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) Contacts
Authorization for Business Travel Form
Bicycle Locker
Business Cards
Capitol Complex Contacts
Capitol Dome Project
Closest C-SEAP Office
Construction Projects open for bidding or design services
Division of Central Services (DCS) Contacts
Division of Central Services (DCS) Locations
Fleet C.A.R.S. Database
Fleet Maintenance Service Areas
Fleet Management Contacts
Fleet Management Hours of Operation
Fleet Roadside Assistance
Fleet Vehicle Manual
Fleet Vehicle Rules/Regulations
Geothermal Project 
Hotels on the Colorado Lodging Directory
Integrated Document Solutions (IDS) Hours of Operation
Integrated Document Solutions (IDS) Service Areas
Integrated Document Solutions Contacts
Key/Access Code
Keys Requests
Maintenance Information
Model Contracts 
Monthly Parking Space
Motor Pool Locations
Parking Information
Payroll Forms
Real Estate Forms for State Agencies  
State Construction Projects Forms
Status of Parking Wait List 
The Annual Controlled Maintenance Report to the Capital Development Committee 
Travel Per Diem Rates
Upcoming Public Events
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A bill due to the State
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For employee training
For training on how to access State business
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A problem in my state-owned workspace
A website problem
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A Training with C-SEAP 
An Appointment with C-SEAP
Employee training
Training on how to access State business
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Authoritative Fiscal Guidance
Capitol Complex Rates
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
Division of Central Services (DCS) Rates
Division of Central Services (DCS) Reports
Division of Central Services (DCS) Rules and Statutes
Financial & Accountability Reports
Fiscal Procedures
Fiscal Rules 
Fleet Management Rates
Integrated Document Solutions (IDS) Rates
Personnel Board Rules
Travel Per Diems 
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Colorado Combined Campaign (CCC)
Disability Benefits Support Claims Committee (DBSCC)
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