The way that agencies have been depositing records at the Colorado State Archives is changing! As part of a pilot project to develop an automated inventory system, the Archives is accepting electronic Public Records Register data from agencies when a deposit is made. We have interviewed numerous agencies and the Archives staff to develop our new system that will hopefully be easy for agencies to use and will result in a deposit and inventory system that will be more efficient and customer friendly. Support help will exist on the E-Register forms as well as on this "Help Page". Should you have any additional questions please contact the Colorado State Archives at: 303-866-4900 or archivesrm@state.co.us

Electronic Register (E-Register) Submissions

When your agency has the approval of the State Archivist to deposit records in the Archives, you will be responsible (as in the past) for providing information about the deposit and the specific records that you are sending to us. In the past this has been in the form of a hard-copy "Public Records Register." It is this form that we are automating. 

Your Electronic Register (E-Register) will consist of two files for each record series/subseries that you are depositing. (See glossary for definition of "Record Series/Subseries"). The purpose of the first file will be to provide agency and series information. This file is available to you on-line as a  Microsoft Word form called "EFORM XXXX.doc". You will rename and save this form so that the x's are replaced with a meaningful identifying name for the E-Register. If the information on this file does not change from one deposit to the next you will not have to fill it out again until the information does change.

The purpose of the second file is to list specific information about each of the containers for each series deposit. You may download either the on-line Microsoft Word or Excel file for this part of the E-Register although we do prefer that you use the Excel format. The  Microsoft Word and Excel Spreadsheet files are called, "ELIST XXXX.doc" or "ELIST XXXX.xls" which you will rename so that it corresponds with the name of the first file. 

The links and attachments below will take you to other Help Pages and the E-Register files.

Glossary of Terms 

E-mail Address to Send Files: archivesrm@state.co.us (Please put "E-Register" in Subject Line)


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