CHRAB Historical Records Preservation Grant Program

2014-2015 Historical Records Preservation Grant Program

The Colorado Historical Records Advisory Board (CHRAB), using funding from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), offered grants of up to $2,500.00 to Colorado Historical Record keepers to develop and/or carry out projects to identify, preserve, access, and use historical records in Colorado. The following institutions were selected to receive funding.

Past Projects




How to Request Funding for 2015-2016

As of May 2015, we do not yet know when the official application period will run. NHPRC has changed their dates for the year, but we expect to have more information by July 2015. Please keep checking our website for updates.

Organizations can request funding for a wide variety of projects, including digitization, preservation needs, disaster planning, improving accessibility to collections and purchasing supplies. Special consideration will be given to projects that involve digital or electronic records. The applicants will be required to contribute the necessary one-to-one ($1 for $1) matching or in-kind funds. Eligible institutions may be public or private, and preference will be given to smaller institutions with a demonstrated need for funding. All of the grants will adhere to NHPRC’s general grant guidelines. 

You can connect with CHRAB on Facebook, or email CHRAB to receive updates on grant activities and other news concerning historical institutions.

CHRAB Grant Forms

View the 2014-15 CHRAB Re-Grant Application and Guidelines.

Access the CHRAB Final Narrative Report Form for grant recipients.

Access the Federal Financial Report Form and Federal Financial Report Instructions.