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A census is far more than a simple enumeration of an area's population. It can be an excellent resource for genealogists, historians, and sociologists as they document vital statistics as well as the history of social change.

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General Census Records for Colorado

The specific questions asked by census takers varied from decade to decade and as such each enumeration provides different information. Click on the links below for a list of what information was recorded in each census, as well as other information.

All records are available on microfilm unless otherwise noted.

Note: The 1880 Census is the first to use the “Soundex”, four-character phonetic index. Learn how to look up names using the "Soundex” .

1850 Federal Census

1870 Federal Census

1880 Federal Census

1885 Colorado Census

1890 Federal Census (not available)

1900 Federal Census

1910 Federal Census (1910 Soundex not available)

1920 Federal Census

1930 Federal Census (1930 Soundex not available)


Special/Unique Census Records


Native American / Indian Census Rolls (1885–1944)