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About Colorado Board on Geographic Names

The Colorado Board on Geographic Names (CBGN), like other state names authorities, assists the US Board on Geographic Names (USBGN) with its mission of standardizing geographic name usage in the United States. The USBGN was created in 1890 to deal with the confusion caused by multiple names being used for individual geographical features. The CBGN meets regularly to assess ‘new name’ and ‘name change’ proposals for geographic features within Colorado.

Any person may propose a new name for an unnamed feature or a name change to a feature already having a name. The USBGN has developed principles, policies and procedures for evaluating such proposals. Colorado name proposals may be submitted to the CBGN or directly to the USBGN. The US Board always asks the Colorado board for its opinion on proposals within Colorado. Our recommendation is guided by the same principles, policies and procedures.

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Application for Name Change Proposal

Proposal Register – Check on the status of your proposal.  Look at old proposals as examples to help create your own. Includes all proposals from 2008-present.

Commemorative Names Policy – Naming features after people is one the most popular types of proposal. Please check the BGN official policy on commemorative names.  The CBGN will not endorse, and the BGN will not accept proposals that do not adhere to these policies.

Principles, Policies and Procedures – The official BGN policies on standardized naming of geographic features. All proposals will be held to these standards.

Colorado Board on Geographic Names Policy - A policy established by the Colorado Board to help guide their decisions. All proposals will be held to these standards.

Research Tools

USGS Domestic Name Index – Search the names of any geographic feature of in America.

Board Information

Next Meeting:  March, 2014

Board Minutes

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