Arapahoe Divorce

How to request an Arapahoe County Divorce Case File:

1) Case Number Find out the case number for the file you would like to research.

We cannot start your research request without a case number. And we have no name indexes for Arapahoe Divorce Case Files to help you find a case number.

If you do not know this information, you can find it by calling the Arapahoe County Combined Court .

Important Note: Case Numbers that begin:

92DR-95DR Located on-site at the Colorado State Archives. Available during all normal business hours.

96DR-08DR Located off-site. We pull these cases on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Walk-in customers should follow the following guidelines on when to come in: Requests made Thursday thru Monday (before 4:00 pm) will first be available on Wednesday. Requests made Tuesday or Wednesday (before 4:00 pm) will first be available Friday. All mail, email, fax requests will be responded to in two (2) weeks or less.

All others Held by Arapahoe County Combined Court

2) Archives Location Expedite your the time it takes to process your request by including the Archives Location on your request form.

If you received your case number from the Arapahoe Court, they will have provided the Archives Location. Simply include the location number in your request. (Note: We DO NOT need the Agency Number. ONLY the Archives Location will allow us to locate your record.)

If you already know your case number, you can find the Archives Location in our Archives Location Index. Look up your case number in the spreadsheet and include it in your request.

3) Documents Figure out which documents you will need from the case file. Popularly requested documents include:

  • Decree of Dissolution of Marriage
  • Separation Agreement
  • Child Support Orders
  • Parenting Plan
  • Permanent Orders

Contact the person, agency, or institution you will be sharing the documents with BEFORE making your request to make sure you are requesting the correct documents. The Archives staff do not know what documents you will need. They also cannot offer legal advice, regarding what documents you may need.

4) Certification Determine if you need your documents certified.

Certification includes a letter of certification and an official raised stamp on every page of the document you would like certified. Since we can’t let you take the original documents with you, a certification authenticates the copies you receive as “true” copies of the original document.

Contact the person, agency, or institution you will be sharing the documents with BEFORE making your request to determine whether they require certified copies. The Archives staff do not know whether your documents will need to be certified. They also cannot offer legal advice, regarding certification.

5) Identification If you are requesting a document other than the Decree of Dissolution of Marriage, we will need to see some form of photo identification.

The only portion of a divorce file that is open for anyone to view is the Decree of Dissolution. The rest of the case is open to those who were party to the case (petitioner / respondent/attorney of record).

In order to confirm your connection with the case, we must see photo id. New attorneys to the case must provide an Order of Entry of Appearance and photo id.

Walk-in customers should be sure to bring some form of photo id.

Customers using our webform to request records should either fax a copy our research desk, or be prepared to attach a scan of your id in the webform.

6) Estimate Cost When your request is complete and ready to be mailed, emailed, or faxed an Archives staff member will contact you with your total cost and arrange payment (check, money order, Visa, MasterCard all accepted - cash also accepted for walk-ins).  Payment in full must be received before any request is released. For your own safety, do NOT include payment information on our webform.

Please take a moment, though, to acquaint yourself with our Fee Schedule so you can anticipate the cost of your request. Here are a few examples of our fees as they might apply to a divorce request:

Example 1 Copy of Decree of Dissolution and Parenting Plan, total 10 pages: $30 ---> (Research Fee $30)

Example 2 Copy of Decree, Separation Agreement, and Parenting Plan, total 17 pages: $42 ---> (Research Fee $30 + Copies $12)

Example 3 Certified copy of Decree of Dissolution: $45 ---> (Research Fee $30 + Certification $15)

7) Questions Contact the research desk with any questions before submitting a request form.

Note: Requests must still be submitted using the webform. The research desk will provide assistance in filling out the form, but will not open your request over the phone.

8) Make a Request