SLV Home Health

When you need Home Health Care, you need high-quality, compassionate care, quickly. Welcome to SLV Home Health, operated by the County of Alamosa, where we truly care! Read on to view our services, meet our staff, find out how you can receive care, and discover why we are your best choice for Home Health in the San Luis Valley!
Our Services
  • Skilled Nursing: Including but not limited to skilled assessment, patient education, wound care, medication management, diabetic instruction and care, Phlebotomy, IV therapy, PICC Line care, and co-morbidity management!
  • Physical Therapy: Including general strengthening, gait training, motion exercises, home exercise program development, Post CVA/MI Rehab, Range of Motion exercise, Wound Assessment and Treatment, and Dry Needling!
  • Certified Nursing Aides: Skilled Bathing and personal care services, simple therapy exercises under the instruction of an RN or PT, patient monitoring, and Skilled transfer.