Public Health Planning

In 2008, The Colorado Public Health Act was signed into law, requiring a comprehensive statewide public health improvement plan every five years and local public health plans to follow. Alamosa County Public Health's current plan was adopted in 2013. See the entire current Alamosa Plan here.

Public Health Priorities and Five-Year Goals;
In collaboration wight other SLV Public Health Agencies if and when appropriate by establishing a San Luis Valley Regional Public Health Partnership to determine how we may work in partnership on mutual priorities.

Reduce Alamosa County residents' risk for chronic disease by promoting physical activity, reducing nutritional risks, and supporting other obesity prevention strategies. 

Improve quality of life, increase years of healthy life, and reduce disparities among Alamosa County residents through multiple social and emotional wellness strategies.
                                                    Reduce negative environmental heath impacts in Alamosa County through multiple strategies aimed at expanding understanding about the relationship between human health and the environment.