Foreclosure Information

Alamosa County Public Trustee Foreclosure sales are conducted every Wednesday, at 10:00 a.m., outside of the Alamosa County Treasurer/Public Trustee Office at 8999 Independence Way, Alamosa, Colorado.

  • file type iconCurrent Foreclosure List
  • Final information on actual sales is available in the Office of the Public Trustee.
  • Bids for all sales must be received by noon on the Monday preceding the weekly scheduled Wednesday sale.
  • Sales are often continued and sale dates do change.
  • A Bidder Registration form must be completed by 3:00 p.m., the day before any foreclosure sale in order to be approved to bid the day of the actual sale. This form is available in the Office of the Public Trustee, or online.
  • Evidence of Certified funds is due to the Alamosa Public Trustee by 3:00 p.m., the day before any foreclosure sale. The Public Trustee must approve the evidence of available funds as presented. For further information or any questions, speak with the Public Trustee or Deputy Public Trustee.

Information for the Borrowers: If the borrower believes that a lender or servicer has violated the requirement for a single point of contact in Section 38-38-103.1 or the prohibition on dual tracking in Section 38-38-103.2, the borrower may file a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General, The Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or both. The filing of a complain will NOT stop the foreclosure process.

Colorado Attorney General
1300 Broadway, 10th Floor               
Denver, CO 80203
(800) 222-4444
Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
P.O. Box 4503
Iowa City, Iowa 52244
(855) 411-2372

If your property goes to foreclosure auction sale and is purchased for more than the total owed to the lender and to all the other lien holders. Please contact the Public Trustee's office after the sale because you may have funds due to you.