Administrator Serves as the chief operating official of the county and is responsible for all county departments, other than those of the other county elected officials.
Assessor Responsible for valuing all real and personal property for property tax purposes and maintains, keeps, and gathers all property records in Alamosa County.
Clerk and Recorder Responsible for recording deeds, registering automobiles, issuing marriage licenses, registering voters, administering elections and maintaining records.
Emergency Management Plans and directs emergency procedures from natural disasters.
Facilities Management Maintains the buildings and grounds owned by Alamosa County.
Finance Responsible for the receipt and disbursement of Alamosa County's operating funds, accounts for all income of the county, payments to vendors, cash balances, internal service charges, fixed and depreciable assets, insurance, and payroll.
Human Resources Responsible for payroll, benefits, policy, and training for employees as well as processing and screening employment applications.
Human Services Manages programs for low income, elderly, and disabled residents, providing financial assistance for shelter, food and medical care. Individual and family programs assist adults, famlies, and children.
Land Use and Building Responsible for land use planning and development as well as building permits and  inspections.
Legal Represents the county in legal matters including the preparation of contracts and the prosecution and defense of lawsuits by and against the county.
Public Health Provides services promoting the health and protecting the environment of Alamosa County.
Public Trustee Processes documents pertaining to Foreclosures of Deeds of Trust and Release of Deeds of Trust.
Road and Bridge Maintains and directs capital improvements to paved and non-paved County roads and bridges.
Treasurer Responsible for the collection of all real estate, personal property, manufactured housing and state assessed taxes.
Veteran's Service Assistance to military veterans living in Alamosa County.