December Specific Ownership Tax Miscalculation

Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles announces refund process for residents affected by December specific ownership tax miscalculation
DENVER, Tuesday, March 12, 2019 – The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles, in conjunction with Colorado counties, has established a refund process for those individuals affected by a Specific Ownership Tax (SOT) miscalculation which caused them to pay a higher SOT rate when they renewed their motor vehicle registration.

Documents for Title And Registration

Title and Registration
Documents Required for Used Vehicles
USED– Purchased from a Colorado individual, the following documents are required:
Certificate of title in the name of the seller properly assigned to the purchaser
Signed application for Colorado title such as a DR 2395 Application for Title and/or Registration, signed by purchaser or DR 2574 computer generated application for title

April DVP Requirements Corner

convo1.pngDo you ever have a question regarding what is required by DVP? Every month DVP features common questions we received from funded programs and our response.

Question: I am a Spanish/English bilingual advocate and other organizations (and sometimes even my own organization) has requested that I serve as the interpreter for a monolingual Spanish-speaking client. What is DVP’s guidance on bilingual advocates serving in this capacity?

Recorder's Notes by Pamela Bacon, Logan County Clerk and Recorder


Have you ever wondered why when results come out election night there are these things called Overvotes and Undervotes?   

Undervote: occurs when the number of choices selected by a voter in an election contest is less than the maximum number allowed for that contest.  An undervote also occurs when no votes for a single choice contest.  For example, a voter that is permitted to cast one vote for a candidate and does not select a candidate has undervoted.