Special Local Needs Registrations

Under the authority of §24(c) of FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act), states may register an additional use of a federally registered pesticide product, or a new end-use product to meet special local needs.

EPA reviews these registrations and may disapprove the state registration if, among other things, the use is not covered by necessary tolerances, or the use has been previously denied, disapproved, suspended or canceled by the Administrator, or voluntarily canceled subsequent to a notice concerning health or environmental concerns. 

  • An application for an SLN must come from the EPA registrant.
  • Any SLN use must fit within an existing tolerance.
  • A Colorado SLN label can only be used in Colorado.
  • Approved SLN labels are set to expire after five years. The SLN can be extended if the five-year review concludes that the special local need still exists.
  • CDA confers with CSU specialists in determining if an adequate special local need exists and whether the user will fit within an existing tolerance.
  • If a Special Local Need Registrations adds a use to a product already registered with CDA, it does not require a separate Colorado pesticide registration. None of Colorado's current SLN's have a separate state registration.

If you are a registrant that is considering applying for an SLN in Colorado, please consult the SLN guidance document, at the link below.

SLN guidance Colorado

Current SLN list with links to SLN labels



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