Seed Labeling and Inspection

CDA inspectors check labels on seed sold in retail stores for expired germination test dates and collect seed samples to send off for lab analysis to check accuracy and truth of labeling.  Presence or sale of noxious weed seed is also monitored. 

Seed labeling - Every container of seed sold, or offered or exposed for sale in Colorado must have a legible, plainly written label or tag in English on it. Labels must have information on them describing the:

Noxious Weed seeds - Noxious weed seed is seed produced from plants that are especially troublesome and detrimental and which may cause damage or loss to a considerable portion of the land or livestock of a community.  There are two classes of noxious weed seed:

  • Prohibited noxious weed seed: Seed of perennial, biennial, and annual weeds, which are highly detrimental and especially difficult to control.  The presence of prohibited noxious weed seed precludes the sale of seed for propagation.
  • Restricted noxious weed seed: Seed of weeds which are very objectionable in fields, lawns, and gardens but which can be controlled by good cultural practices.  Restricted noxious weed seed is tolerated, as long as the percentage per pound present is stated on the label and is within in amounts allowed by rule (8CCR 1203 –6).

List of restricted and prohibited noxious weed seeds.