Pesticide Advisory Committee

The Colorado Department of Agriculture has decided to cancel the October 29, 2018, Pesticide Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting due to a lack of agenda items to discuss and no Rules are currently under review or creation.

Update - Pesticide Advisory Committee appointments: There are five new appointments coming up on the PAC for the; CDPHE representative, Beekeeper representative, General Public - Urban Ag representative, Agricultural Worker representative and Agricultural Organic Grower representative. To date, we've only received nominations for CDPHE and the beekeepers. These nominees will both go before the Ag Commission on November 7th. Those positions we do not have nominees for we will continue to reach out to industry to identify those interested. If you know of any person interested in serving on the PAC as the representative for the Ag. Worker, Ag. Organic or General Public - Urban Ag; please refer them to John Scott

The Pesticide Advisory Committee (PAC) was created under section 35-10-125, C.R.S., of the Pesticide Applicators Act (PAA), to assist the commissioner in promulgating rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of the PAA.

The committee consists of fifteen members representing: pesticide formulators, commercial applicators from the agricultural, ornamental, and structural industries, limited commercial applicators, public applicators, Colorado State University, two members from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, an agricultural worker, an organic agricultural producer, a member of a state or national beekeeping association and the general public (one of whom is actively engaged in urban-agricultural production).

All members of the advisory committee, with the exception of the formulator, must be residents of the State of Colorado and each member serves on the committee for a term of three years.

PAC meetings are open to the public. If you wish to attend an upcoming PAC meeting please RSVP by calling the CDA at 303-869-9057 to allow seating accommodations to be made.




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