Under the National Organic Program (NOP) products sold as organic in the United States must be certified by a USDA-NOP accredited certification agency.   The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) is a USDA-accredited certification agency that certifies producers and processors in the state of Colorado.  

The CDA verifies that the requirements of organic production and handling practices meet the national standards.  Food and other agricultural products that have been produced following the USDA organic regulations carry the Organic label and may also display the USDA Organic seal.
Please note: The CDA is currently not accepting any new applications for organic certification.  There are many private certification agencies that are currently providing organic certification in Colorado.  To locate other accredited organic certifiers you can use the USDA Organic Certifier Locator tool on the USDA website.
Contact the CDA Organic Program:
Organic Program Manager
Organic Certification Specialist
Administrative Assistant

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USDA Organic Cost Share Program is being operated by the USDA Farm Service Agency. The USDA Cost Share Program has information about the program.
Complaints against certified and non-certified parties should be forwarded to the Compliance Office at the National Organic Program.