Nursery Registration

Who needs to register? 

Anyone who sells or advertises with the intent to sell nursery stock in the state of Colorado must be registered.

There are several categories of registration:

"Collector": Any person who collects nursery stock from native growing habitat and sells it.

“Landscape contractor”: A person who provides nursery stock for compensation or value as part of a site development or landscaping service.

“Nursery”: Any grounds or premises on or in which nursery stock is propagated, held, or grown for sale purposes. Includes growing nurseries, nursery dealers and retail nurseries.

“Sod Grower”: Any person who grows and sells turfgrass sod.

Download Application for Nursery Registration - Fillable

Download Application for Nursery Registration - Non-Fillable

Download Citizenship Status Verification Form (Required if you are a Sole Proprietor)

Download Nursery Registration Program Brochure

CDA Nursery Program - Registered Nurseries List

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