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Integrated Crop Pollination Project (national research)

How can we help bees and ensure that farmers continue to get consistent, reliable pollination? A new video produced by the Integrated Crop Pollination Project reviews recent research on one solution: adding wildflowers to field edges. Planting flowers, especially before and after crops bloom, is a key way in which farmers can ensure their crop pollinators stay healthy through the season and produce abundant offspring for the next year.

To learn more, visit the Integrated Crop Pollination Project website and watch The Benefits of Planting Flowers for Bees video!

The following video: An Inside Look at Pollination Research, focuses on pollinators and the crops they pollinate.

Pollinator research at CSU

CSU Medicine for Bees program

Colorado State University Pollination Biology Lab

Citizen Science Projects through CSU Pollination Biology lab

Colorado Pollen Study: January 2015

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