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In 2017, due to damage caused by dicamba drift and/or volatilization reported throughout the Southeastern and Midwestern U.S., it was determined that additional application and training restrictions needed to be in place for post-emergent dicamba use in 2018.

On October 13th, 2017, EPA issued a press release announcing that the agency had come to an agreement with Monsanto, Dupont and BASF to allow the continued use of certain dicamba herbicides for post-emergent weed control in genetically engineered, dicamba-resistant soybeans and cotton.

EPA worked with dicamba registrants to craft label changes that will be in force in 2018 for post-emergent uses of Dicamba. Registrants have voluntarily agreed to label changes that impose additional requirements for "over the top" (applications to growing plants) use of these products including:

  • Classifying products as "restricted use," permitting only licensed applicators with category-specific training, and those under their supervision, to apply them; 
  • Additional dicamba-specific training for all applicators to reinforce proper use;
  • Requiring applicators to maintain specific records regarding the use of these products to improve compliance with label restrictions;
  • Limiting applications to when maximum wind speeds are below 10 mph (from 15 mph) to reduce potential spray drift;
  • Reducing the times during the day when applications can occur;
  • Including tank clean-out language to prevent cross-contamination; 
  • Enhancing susceptible crop language and record keeping with sensitive crop registries to increase awareness of risk to especially sensitive crops nearby; and
  • A record of the dicamba specific training must be maintained in the applicator’s records. 

Dicamba products affected by these changes include FeXpan (Dupont), Engenia (BASF) and XtendiMax (Monsanto).  Users must follow the label including the requirement to complete dicamba or auxin-specific training prior to making applications for the 2018 season and each growing season thereafter.  


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