Confirming Registration Status of a Product

The Colorado Department of Agriculture provides two options that enable the public to confirm if a pesticide product is registered with CDA currently:


1. The Department of Agriculture uses a web application (AgLicense) to manage product registrations. Anyone can obtain information on currently registered products by going to the website and selecting "Product Search" from the list on the left.


2. The NPIRS website associated with Purdue University combines CDA state registration information with EPA information. This includes information on active ingredients and links to additional EPA information. Some products will also have a link to the CDA file label.


The NPIRS website will be one or two days behind the CDA website, since information is transferred nightly.

  • Coloradoans are encouraged to only purchase and use pesticides registered with CDA. This will help them avoid products that do not comply with either EPA's pesticide registration requirements or EPA's minimum risk exemption requirements.
  • Colorado's licensed commercial applicators can only use pesticides that are registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.
  • Distributors and retailers can only distribute pesticides in Colorado that are registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.


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