Resources for Evaluation of Mobile Slaughter Options

Mobile slaughter and processing units are now in operation around the country. Find more information here, including some basic information and contacts for each unit. 

Report from FSMIP Grant to Wyoming for: Mobile Slaughter Unit for Wyoming, Assessment of Need and Values, July 1, 2004

The project represents a collaborative effort to determine need and application for a mobile slaughter unit, and consists of three projects and objectives: 1) develop and administer a survey of agriculture producers (beef, hog and lamb) in the State of Wyoming to determine need and practicability of a mobile slaughter unit; (2) determine the status of meat processing plants currently in the State of Wyoming, their status of operation and USDA certifications; and (3) prepare a cost analysis to determine the economic impacts of such a unit, including options of financing, economic comparison of how meat is processed today versus utilizing a mobile machine; and exploring economics of capitalizing on by-products.

Mobile Slaughter Unit for Wyoming Assessment of Need and Values

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