Millet Referendum

Following a public hearing in Akron, June 22, 2018, Commissioner of Agriculture Don Brown has announced there will be a referendum of Colorado millet producers on whether there should be a Millet Marketing Order. Referendum ballots will be mailed August 9 and the referendum voting period will be August 13-31. Ballots must be postmarked by August 31, and the certification on the back of the envelope completely filled in, to be counted. 

Draft Market Order
Frequently Asked Questions
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Why wasn’t I on the original millet mailing list?

Because of confidentiality reasons, we are not able to obtain lists of producers from National Ag Statistics Service or Farm Services Agency.  When the High Plains Millet Association (HPMA) requested the Commissioner of Agriculture consider a referendum, they purchased a list of addresses from a farm publication database of known millet producers in Colorado. The HPMA board also added any millet producers they were personally aware of. HPMA and CDA have been adding to this list based on addresses received at meetings and from phone calls and emails. Our intent is to assemble the most complete list of millet producers possible. To be added to the list, contact Glenda Mostek at (303) 869-9173 or


*Producer of millet means a person who is engaged in the business of producing or causing to be produced millet for grain in the state of Colorado and who is entitled to share in the proceeds of such millet crop as an individual, partnership, corporation, association, legal representative or any organized group of individuals in the last three calendar years (2016-18) and who intends to continue to produce millet for grain in the future.

  • A landlord who leases their property to a tenant for cash shall not be eligible to vote.
  • Individual members of a qualified partnership or limited liability company shall each have one vote, but the partnership or limited liability company as such shall not have a vote.
  • Corporations shall have one vote.
  • Where a group of several persons such as a husband, wife, or children have participated or will participate in the production of millet under the same lease or cropping agreement, only the person or persons who signed or entered into the lease or cropping agreement shall be eligible to vote.
  • In the event two or more persons have produced or will produce millet as joint tenants or tenants in common, each person shall be entitled to vote if otherwise qualified.

For more information, contact Glenda Mostek at (303) 869-9173 or