European Bird Seed Market

Marketing Millet and Other Bird Seed Ingredients to the European Market

The European market is now over 500 million in population. In 2012, the European market imported over $40 million in millet which represents 55 percent of total global millet imports. At the 2013 pet food trade show there were over 50 exhibitors featuring blended bird seed products, which are all potential buyers for Colorado (and US) millet.

Click on the links below to view a video of our Colorado millet industry representatives who attended the 2013 ZooMark trade show in Italy. These companies are sharing what they learned and how companies can be effective when exhibiting at pet industry trade shows in Europe.

ZooMark 2013 Colorado Millet Promotion Video

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How receptive were the visitors to the booth?

How were the booths of other bird seed sellers?

What questions were asked?

What did you learn from this trip?

How would you prepare for an international show?

How receptive was the industry toward suppliers?

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