2017 Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize

"Farming with Dad"

Little boy sitting in field playing with a toy tractor

Brian Biesemeier, Sedgwick CO
Photo Taken in Sedgwick, CO

First Place - Crops

"Colors from Above"

Aerial view of a tractor harvesting crops

Travis Harvey,  Castle Rock, CO
Photo Taken in Monte Vista, CO

First Place - Livestock

"Beautiful Fall Day"

Herd of sheep in front of a fall background

Carolyn Keller, Monte Vista, CO
Photo Taken in Monte Vista, CO

First Place - Open Professional

"When Two Worlds Collide"

A Windmill in front of a Wind Farm

Leah Hartman, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Photo Taken in Logan County, CO

First Place - Wildlife in Agriculture

"Wild Turkeys"

Wild Turkeys

Dave Ritchey, Kit Carson, CO
Photo Taken in Kit Carson, CO

Honorable Mentions


"Potato Harvest"

Potato Harvest

Savannah Schlaufman, Manassa, CO
Photo Taken in Alamosa, CO


Aerial scene of a crop field in front of a fog cloud

Dan Harvey, Monte Vista, CO
Photo Taken in Monte Vista, CO


"Dinner Bell"

3 Horses running

Holly Kaye, Byers CO
Photo Taken in Byers, CO

Open Professional

"Rocky Mountain Potato Promises"

Potato Tractor in a field

Bill Chiles, Hooper, CO
Photo Taken in SE Hooper, CO




"Racing the Rain"

Man loading his tractor before the rain

Ryan Kanode, Haxtun, CO
Photo Taken in Haxtun
, CO

Wildlife in Agriculture

"Wheat Fields for Sand Hill Cranes"

Sand Hill Crane in a wheat field

Karen Mack, Craig, CO
Photo Taken in Craig
, CO

"The Orchard Bee in Afternoon Light"

A bee buzzing around an orchard flower

Matthew Lahn, Fountain, CO
Photo Taken in Fountain
, CO