10/13/2017 Noelle’s Dogs Four Hope Surrenders Pet Care License

October 13, 2017
Contact:    Christi Lightcap, (303) 869-9005, Christi.Lightcap@state.co.us
Noelle’s Dogs Four Hope Surrenders Pet Care License
BROOMFIELD, Colo. – The Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) program has entered into a stipulated agreement with Noelle's Dogs Four Hope (“Noelle’s”). Located in Colorado Springs, Noelle’s, and its owner, Tina Lynn Rivero, surrendered Noelle’s PACFA license to the Commissioner of Agriculture.
Since March 2017, CDA investigated and confirmed several instances of dogs, which Noelle’s represented as trained service dogs, placed in homes with undisclosed illnesses, health and abnormal behavior issues including incontinence, lack of basic house training, separation anxiety and aggression.  According to its website, Noelle’s mission statement is, “… to provide affordable Service Animals to as many people in need as possible, especially children, to enhance the quality of life and to educate the public about the value of Service Animals and the independence they offer.”
PACFA investigations concluded that Noelle’s violated PACFA rules and regulations by making a misrepresentation or false promise through advertisements, employees, agents, or otherwise in connection with  business operations, and  by failing to take reasonable care to release for sale, trade, or adoption only those pet animals that are free of undisclosed disease, injury, or abnormality.”
In addition, Noelle’s admitted to violating numerous provisions of PACFA’s statute, rules and regulations related to recordkeeping and physical facility standards, which resulted in more than three failed inspections within a year. Pursuant to PACFA, failure of three inspections in a year is grounds for revocation.
Investigation Timeline:
  • March 7, 2017: Failed inspection. Reasons include sanitation, space, and enclosure requirements.
  • March 24, 2017: Failed inspection. Reasons include improper isolation room, sanitation, and disintegrating flooring.
  • June 6, 2017: Failed inspection. Reasons include dogs being fed cat food, improper documentation, and transferring dogs with an “undisclosed disease, injury or abnormality to buyers.” During this inspection, Ms. Rivero also provided inaccurate and false information to CDA’s PACFA inspector.
  • June 29, 2017: Failed Inspection. Reasons include failure to keep and maintain acquisition records and providing inaccurate information to CDA’s PACFA inspector.
Under the terms of the stipulation, the license surrender is equivalent to a revocation of licensure for a period of two years, effective October 31, 2017. Ms. Rivero shall refrain from operating a pet animal facility or engaging in any activity requiring licensure, and Noelle’s must transfer legal ownership of all its dogs before October 31, 2017.