Agricultural Workforce Development Program

The Agricultural Workforce Development Program (AWDP) provides financial incentives to farms, ranches, and agricultural businesses to hire interns and provide them with hands-on training needed to begin a career in agriculture. Qualified businesses may be reimbursed for up to 50 percent of the actual cost of hiring an intern, not to exceed $5,000 per internship.

The AWDP is the result of legislation introduced during the 2018 session of the Colorado General Assembly by the Young and Beginning Farmers Interim Study Committee. In its first two years alone, the AWDP has supported 27 internships at 20 different Colorado agricultural businesses for a total of $92,000.

To bring the program into better alignment with the farming season in Colorado, the next round of business applications will be accepted in Fall 2020. This will allow for internships to operate on the calendar year (January – December) and during the growing season instead of during the fiscal year (July – June). Selected applicants may begin their internships as early as January 2021 and will have the opportunity to retain an intern through the entire 2021 growing season.

Interested in participating? Applications for the 2021 AWDP will be available in Fall 2020. Sign up below for updates.

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