Weight Certificates & Split Weighing

Weight Certificates

Weights determined over public scales by certified public weighers will be recorded on weight certificates. A weight certificate must state:

  1. The gross, tare and net weights.
  2. Date of weighing.
  3. Positive vehicle identification e.g., license plate number.
  4. Weight certificate serial number.
  5. Name of shipper or owner.
  6. Nature of load.
  7. Name of receiver of load.
  8. Whether the driver is on or off the scale during weighing.
  9. Name of the certified weigher.
  10. Location of the certified scale.

Split Weighing

Split-weighing is not legal in Colorado. All weights (gross, net, tare) must be determined for vehicles that are either entirely on the scale or for combination vehicles that have been separated and weighed as independent units. Combination vehicles that fit entirely on the scale being used may be weighed in one draft.