Small Scale Inspection

IMAGE Scale and Meter Inspections. ICS multiple inspectors annually test all licensed scales and meters in grocery, hardware, and other stores for accuracy. Length meters, primarily used to measure lengths of rope or wire for sale, are also inspected.

What to expect during an inspection

  • The multiple inspector may need to see a current scale license to compare actual number of scales in use as compared to the number of scales that are registered on the license.
  • Inspector needs to have ready access to all scales, therefore someone in the business should have knowledge of the location of each scale.
  • Test weights, certified as accurate by the ICS Metrology Laboratory, are placed on the scale to make sure the device is accurate.
    • Devices found to be in tolerance are certified.
    • Devices slightly out of tolerance are tagged with a blue work order and the user is given thirty days to make repairs.
    • Devices severely out of tolerance are condemned with red tags and may not be used until repaired.