Shipping Items

All items should be securely packed before shipping. Any item ten pounds (10 lbs) or more should be shipped in wooden crates and/or palletized. The Metrology Lab is not responsible for items improperly shipped.

Items should be individually wrapped or protected with appropriate packing materials.

If you are shipping small weight kits, be sure to secure them in the closed position with latches, rubber bands, tape, boxes, or bags. Small weights can be lost if the kit is not securely closed, delaying your calibration test.

Fifty pound (50 lb) weights or larger whether shipped or delivered, should be on an open-bed truck or with a lift-gate. An overhead hoist is available for delivery.

Any deliveries arrivings on trucks without a lift gate or an open bed will be refused and sent back to the customer.

Delivery truck length is limited to 45 feet (including cab) due to the location of the lab in a residential area with narrow streets.

Return shipping arrangements should be made with the metrology lab at the time of the initial phone call and scheduling. Utilizing the owner's freight account or shipping the weights back "freight collect" are preferred and recommended methods.

Return shipment of small boxes (150 lbs or less) will usually be shipped via best shipping method. If a customer has no preferred shipper, current shipping charges will be added to the invoice along with the calibration charges.

The laboratory will not accept items shipped by truck that are "freight collect."