Services and Fees

The Colorado Metrology Laboratory offers a wide range of calibration and testing services. These services are available to both the public and private sectors on a fee basis. Calibration services are offered in the areas of mass (weight), volume, length, grain moisture, and time/frequency in both customary and metric units. The laboratory is capable of performing calibrations at varying levels of accuracy.

Many standards do not need calibration at the highest levels and in fact, may not be stable enough to maintain high accuracy. We will gladly answer your questions regarding what kind of calibration will best suit your needs by contacting us. We can also assist in specifying standards that you are looking to purchase. Please see FAQs to help answer some general questions.


Laboratory fees are $40 per hour. There is a minimum charge of one hour for all orders. Please contact us for a quote for your specific item(s).

Calibration Services


Description/ Weight Classes



Mass Echelon II

ASTM 2,3; OIML  F1

Precision Weight Set for Precision Balances/ Comparators

10 kg - 1 mg

Mass Echelon III

ASTM 4,5,6,7

NIST Class F

OIML M1, M2, M3

Stainless Steel weights, Weight Sets, Dead Weight Testers Cast Iron Weights

25 kg - 1 mg

2,500 lb - .001 lb

4 oz - 1/32 oz

Volume Transfer

Provers, Test Measures

5 gallon test measures
100 gallon provers

100 gal - 5 gal


Steel Tape Measures
Rigid Rules

Survey Tapes
Law Enforcement
Precision Length

Tapes: 200 ft - 1 ft
Rigid: 18 in - 1 in

Time/ Frequency


Tuning forks, LASER speed units

<= 100 mph

Grain Moisture


Corn, Millet, Pinto Beans, Sunflower, Barley, Sorghum, Wheat

<= 25 %